Environmental Studies is a multidisciplinary academic field focusing solving some of the most complicated and challenging environmental problems and issues.  Curricula in this field combines fundamental knowledge in Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Earth Sciences as a foundation within a hands-on applied quantitative and technical framework.

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At this point in our history, the application of environmental studies is a task with ever increasing importance.  Our curriculum is designed from the ground up to provide you a combination of knowledge, skills, and experiences making you competitive in the marketplace.  We believe that the learning experience is based upon solving real-world problems, integrating economic, political, biological, and ecological interactions in solutions that benefit human society.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Programs

Academic advising for undergraduate programs, minors, certificates, and the M.Envs accelerated program are handled by Ms. Lindsay Freeman.  

Graduate Programs

Advising for the graduate programs in Environmental Studies are handled by Dr. Daniel McGarvey, Director of Graduate Programs in Environmental Studies.

News & Research

Behavioral responses of sub-adult Atlantic Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus) to electromagnetic and magnetic fields under laboratory conditions

McIntyre, Andrew III.  MS Thesis Electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by high voltage (HV), submarine transmission cables leading from offshore wind energy generation facilities could affect foraging or migratory behaviors of electro-receptive fishes, including endangered Atlantic Sturgeon. However, no published studies have quantitatively evaluated the possible behavioral effects of EMF exposure on sturgeon during residence in […]

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A Study of Sediment Accretion Dynamics in Mature and Restored Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands in the James River Watershed using Surface Elevation Tables and Marker Horizons

Lopez, Ronaldo.  MS Thesis Sediment accretion and elevation change in tidal forests, and the corresponding ability of these wetlands to keep pace with sea-level rise (SLR), represent data gaps in our understanding of wetland sustainability. Surface Elevation Tables and marker horizons were installed in three mature tidal forests and a restored tidal marsh, allowing us […]

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Beck, Michael.  MS Thesis Wastewater application to land can be a useful tool for mitigating impacts of nutrient enrichment on aquatic systems. A land application treatment system at VCU’s Rice Rivers Center in Charles City County, VA provided an opportunity to study the impact of wastewater addition on the biogeochemistry of forests representative of the […]

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A comparative analysis of geometric morphometrics across two Pseudemys turtle species in east central Virginia

Dillard, Kristin C. MS Thesis. The phylogeny of the turtle genus Pseudemys is poorly understood. In Virginia, many turtles have been found with indicator traits of both eastern river cooters (Pseudemys concinna concinna) and northern red bellied cooters (Pseudemys rubriventris). This study explores morphological evidence for hybridization between the two species across three riverine sites […]

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