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Most recent events in the Center for Environmental Studies

prothonotary Goochland School District Awards Prothonotary Warbler Project. - This past year, the Goochland School District recognized the VCU Prothonotary Warbler Project as one of the superlative efforts in project-based learning, gaining the G21 Award!  This project is a continuation of work that Drs. Bulluck and Viverette has developed with the school district with Team Warbler.  Read more about the award here. Read More
Tree planting to offset carbon footprints. Carbon Offsets for Student Activities - International research and training is key to a successful education in Environmental Studies.  However, there is a cost associated with these activities.  In conjunction with the Office of Sustainability and the Global Education Office, Dr. Viverette from the Center for Environmental Studies has been working with her students to help them reduce their carbon footprint for study abroad courses by involvement in tree planting programs here and abroad. Read more about his  here.   Read More
Collecting data on the river Hands-On, River-based Education - Dr. James Vonesh was recently awarded a National Science Foundation consortium grant entitled, "the River-based ImmersiVe Education & Research (RiVER) Field Studies Network" focusing on how to develop both human and institutional capacity for active learning using our rivers as the backdrop.    Read more about it here.       Read More
Swedish icebreaker Oden Arctic Summer Research Cruise - Dr. Linda Fernandez and three VCU students are heading to the arctic to participate in the Northwest Passage Project, an National Science Foundation supported project focused on understanding how climate change is influencing the Canadian Arctic Archipelago ecosystem. Read the full story. Read More
Google Drive Content - Publishing to WordPress from Google Drive expands your ability to keep content relevant and up-to-date. Here are some examples of how that can be done. Read More
Poisonous Plants in the Commonwealth - This past summer has seen some rather spectacular cases of where people have run afoul of dangerous flora, the most recent of which was a college student after a runin with Giant Hogweed–the results were not good. Information The Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension group publishes a nice overview of toxic plants in the Commonwealth.  It has … Poisonous Plants in the CommonwealthRead More » Read More
ENVS 491 American Wilderness/Lower Salmon River Expedition - VCU Center for Environmental Studies in collaboration with VCU Outdoor Adventure Program and VCU Department of Biology prepare for their journey on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho mid-July. Follow their progress on #VCUSalmonExpedition18 Read More
Will Shuart The interaction between ozone and pollution. - CES Instructor Will Shuart working with NASA to understand the formation of ozone and its interaction with pollution. Read More Read More
Center for Environmental Studies alumnus captures the world for National Geographic - Trevor Frost has made his mark as a wildlife photographer and filmmaker with National Geographic.  Prior to working a job that takes him around the world, Frost spent his undergraduate years at VCU.  He earned his BS from the Center for Environmental Studies in 2006, while spending time working on coastal ecosystems at Rice Rivers Center. Read more about Frost: Worth a thousand words. Read More
Panama bird class Team Warbler participates in bird banding demonstration in Panama - A group of students left the bitter cold of Richmond behind to study abroad in Panama and follow the prothonotary warblers to their winter habitat. Dr. Catherine Viverette and Dr. Edward Crawford’s ENVS 515 Panama Avian Field Ecology class spent January 2 – 15 in mangroves and other tropical habitats tracking the small, yellow bird.  Beyond gathering data, one of the course requirements was to work with Panama Audubon Society and participate in community outreach in the host country. VCU’s Team Warbler, accompanied by a graduate student from the Ohio State University, traveled to Panamá Viejo – the last remaining part of Old Panama City –  and partnered with the Sociedad Audubon de Panamá to hold a demonstration about bird banding and the importance of mangrove ecosystems to resident and neo-tropical migratory birds. They also educated local residents about migratory birds, local birds, and how banding allows scientists to study avian habits and health both locally and abroad.   Read More