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About us

About us

At the Center for Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, we integrate environmental policy, science and technology into our academic and research programs.

We know that successful environmental professionals must be able to bridge disciplines such as law, ecology and economics. So that’s the approach our classes and faculty take. We expose students to a wide range of disciplines and give them access to instructional laboratories, greenhouses, research tanks and state-of-the-art labs. It’s all part of the interdisciplinary research and instruction we offer under VCU Life Sciences.

Our research includes partnering with other universities, agencies and organizations that care about the environment, too. Then there’s our setting in Richmond, Virginia. As a capital city, we offer access to real-world experience and a chance to to explore career opportunities as students seek internships or prepare to graduate.

VCU is just blocks from the James River, home to a wealth of unique natural resources. Downstream, enjoy field trips to the VCU Rice Rivers Center, our hub for field-based instruction and research. It’s where students, faculty and area partners collaborate to study the river’s ecology and its management.

Students in the Center for Environmental Studies work with faculty members who are among the best in their field. Our instructors are widely recognized for their expertise and share it by serving on advisory boards for agencies at the regional, national and international level.


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