Local students visit State Capitol as part of STEM grant

Showing Students from Charles City County Public Schools at the Capitol

BEST in Bay Watersheds promotes learning outdoors and in the classroom

Student teams and teachers from four local school districts visited the Virginia State Capitol earlier this month to share with legislative representatives their progress with field investigations into local watershed ecosystems along the James River, as well as plans for future stewardship civic action projects.

Dr. James Vonesh, assistant director of the VCU Center for Environmental Studies, said that the initiative will also help students understand the link between humans and endangered species in a well-balanced ecosystem.

“The grant specifically looks at the role of threatened and endangered species like freshwater mussels and oysters, and the important roles they play in sustaining our ecosystems, such as generating clean water, guarding against riverbed erosion, their role in natural food webs, and as commercially sustained consumer aquaculture (i.e., oysters)”.

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