Environmental Studies is a multidisciplinary academic field focusing solving some of the most complicated and challenging environmental problems and issues.  Curricula in this field combines fundamental knowledge in Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Earth Sciences as a foundation within a hands-on applied quantitative and technical framework.

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At this point in our history, the application of environmental studies is a task with ever increasing importance.  Our curriculum is designed from the ground up to provide you a combination of knowledge, skills, and experiences making you competitive in the marketplace.  We believe that the learning experience is based upon solving real-world problems, integrating economic, political, biological, and ecological interactions in solutions that benefit human society.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Programs

Academic advising for undergraduate programs, minors, certificates, and the M.Envs accelerated program are handled by Ms. Lindsay Freeman.  

Graduate Programs

Advising for the graduate programs in Environmental Studies are handled by Dr. Daniel McGarvey, Director of Graduate Programs in Environmental Studies.

News & Research

Male prothonotary warbler in Salamanca National Park, Colombia. Photograph taken by Nick Bayly

Research Paper

Habitat‐dependent occupancy and movement in a migrant songbird highlights the importance of mangroves and forested lagoons in Panama and Colombia. […]

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Warblers on Working Lands: Restoring Shrublands for Wildlife

VCU CES professor Lesley Bulluck and collaborator Sergio Harding from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) posted an article this week on the DGIF website describing their efforts to engage local communities and private landowners in land management practices that help conserve the Golden-winged Warbler, a species which is declining rapidly across […]

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August Faculty Meeting

Here are the slides from the August Faculty Meeting   […]

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Lymantria dispar - The gypsy moth

ENVS Faculty “Best Paper published in Physiological Entomology”

A study led by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond has been selected as the best paper to be published in the journal Physiological Entomology over a two-year period. The study explored how warming temperatures affect the spread of gypsy moths.    Read more here. […]

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ENVS First Year Orientation in West Virginia

This year marks the first ENVS Orientation cohort for incoming first-year students.  In collaboration with the VCU Outdoor Adventure Program and faculty from ENVS, a group of incoming students participated in a outdoor orientation excursion/hiking adventure in West Virginia. […]

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Goochland School District Awards Prothonotary Warbler Project.

This past year, the Goochland School District recognized the VCU Prothonotary Warbler Project as one of the superlative efforts in project-based learning, gaining the G21 Award!  This project is a continuation of work that Drs. Bulluck and Viverette has developed with the school district with Team Warbler.  Read more about the award here. […]

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